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As the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh is bursting with a robust and diverse culture that can be enjoyed year-round. However, there is often a lack of live entertainment to keep the mood going for residents all year round, and the Raleigh - Durham region of North Carolina is home to some of the best live music events in the state, as well as a host of great restaurants and bars.

Enjoy a cup of tea while viewing the artworks of Chatham County artists in their studio, or enjoy hands-on activities led by the artists themselves. Get an insight into their creative process by visiting their studios and creating artworks. You will find a wide selection of local craftsmen and artists as well as local food and beverage vendors.

Learn how to arrange flowers to brighten up your home this winter and see fine floral arrangements inspired by local artists as well as local food and beverage vendors. In a gallery full of allusions and shades of green, artists from the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts have completed an exhibition of their latest work. During the exhibition, the artists will present their vision of what their future would be like if they looked out the window.

Take the family to the Burning Coal Theatre and learn how much we really know about the land of beautiful girls and epic battles. The New Bern Historical Society invites the audience to attend this show and watch the legendary witch Lady Spasight and her henchmen attempt to defame the young John Stanly.

Take a walk around the Mount Holly Community Garden, which will be wrapped in holiday themes and lights. Take in the seasonal decorations of private homes and take a double-decker bus with star singers to the local church stops. Walk the steps of the Wright Museum of Natural History in downtown Raleigh and enjoy music, dancing, costumes, refreshments and more.

Experience the brewery scene up close - and give your brother or your partner a Raleigh Brews Cruise certificate. Experience a hearty dose of holiday spirit and feel the warmth of a fireplace as you venture into the seafaring community. Spend the evening at the Ashe Civic Center for a concert and warm up to music, food and drink in the comfort of your own home. The closed and stylish sound will enchant the audience in the Old Theatre during the concert.

This chamber concert will include music by the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra and other local and national artists at St. John's Episcopal Church.

Check out the schedule, pick the game you want to see, get your tickets, and watch a live performance by the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra and other local and national artists. Partygoers have access to a curated selection of live music, food and drinks, as well as live entertainment from local musicians.

Passengers of all ages can enjoy juice and cookies while taking a Santa Claus cruise from the Selma Train Depot in Raleigh and back to Santa Claus. Hot drinks and stories await you while you decorate your decorations, and you can find a seated neighbor watching the children and enjoying a night of laughter with your partner. Enjoy a compressed version of a mini-ballet performance staged by the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra and other local and national artists.

Take the 16-minute drive from Raleigh to Cary and enjoy the wonderful spread that Umstead Hotel & Spa prepares for its guests. Save and save again by preparing a full Christmas dinner, or you can switch instead. This brunch is served from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and offers a light but rich menu.

If you only have $11, you can visit North Carolina FC Parking, which is the lowest ticket in Raleigh and Durham. Tickets cost $11, followed by $10 for parking in Durham and $9 for Raleigh, and then $8 for Cary and Raleigh.

Although there are several theatres in the area that hold events throughout the year, none is as busy as Durham Performing Arts Center. Most marquee artists and productions make it a point to drop by this sprawling venue, which has more than 200 events, including a Broadway hit. Then there's the Piper of the Lights in the heart of Raleigh, which has been held every year for 30 years.

With venues of this luxury class, the area has no problem attracting big names, and when they come to town, you're in. One of Wendell Wonderland's main attractions is the Christmas lights on Lake Myra, just a 25-minute drive from Raleigh. If you want to attend the Durham Bulls Contest or an exciting NASCAR event, you have all the Raleigh - Durham sports tickets you need.

A duo of husband and wife will sing a compilation of country, folk and bluegrass music in the acoustics, which is well known for the hall. You can also hear them at the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh, as well as at other events across the state.

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