Legislators advance North Carolina hurricane relief earmarks

Published 11-28-2018

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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - North Carolina senators want to give nearly all the money state Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler requested to help farmers who saw destroyed crops and livestock from hurricanes Florence and Michael.

A Senate budget-writing committee voted Wednesday on how $300 million already sitting in a hurricane relief fund should be used. Senators agreed $240 million would go to Troxler's department for an "agricultural disaster program" that lawmakers already created in October.

Troxler had sought $250 million. He told panel members the money would be the best way to restart hard-hit rural economies.

There would also be $25 million for public school repairs and lunch program damages, $10 million toward payments for commercial fishermen and $18.5 million for beach renourishment and other coastal projects.

A Senate floor vote could come later Wednesday.

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